Clustering of deep focus earthquakes in the southwest Pacific.
Earth and Planetary Science Letters, accepted
R. Myhill, D. McKenzie, K. Priestley

Constraints on evolution of the Mesohellenic Ophiolite from sub-ophiolitic metamorphic rocks.
GSA Special Publication, accepted
R. Myhill

Melange Formations beneath the Pindos Basin Ophiolites, Northern Greece: Evidence of an active, rapid decollement emplacement surface.
GSA Special Publication, accepted
A. Rassios, Y. Dilek, R. Myhill, D. Ghikas, A. Mpatsi


Mesohellenic Ophiolite, 2007

My Masters' dissertation studied the Mesohellenic Ophiolite (Vourinos and Pindos) in Northwestern Greece. This project culminated in the synthesis of a highly detailled model for ophiolite formation and emplacement by use of conventional and pseudosection thermobarometry (using the program THERMOCALC developed by my supervisor Dr. Tim Holland, and Dr. Roger Powell; for more information, see Tim's web pages).

I have copies of this in .pdf format. Please email me (see contact page) if you would like access to a copy. I reserve the right to release copies pending information on use of the report, and permission from Cambridge University.

In the meantime, my project proposal may be found here.

Vourinos, 2006

My Part II project in the Vourinos culminated in the production of both a field map and 5000 word report. For these, I am indebted to the Department of Earth Sciences; Peterhouse, Cambridge; and IGME for financial support. Special thanks must be given to Annie Rassios, Alan Smith, Hazel Chapman, Sally Gibson, Tim Holland, and the library staff at Cambridge Earth Sciences Department for their help during the project.

It's not easy producing a project of this size without putting a lot of yourself into it, but hard work tends to pay off, and as a result I was lucky enough to get the highest mark (80%) in the year. Hopefully this means that it will be useful in the future - as the area is to be flooded in 2009 pretty soon the area that we mapped will be covered forever. The report and map are accessable through the links below (43.3MB and 1.65MB respectively).

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