My Current Research

My PhD research project is to study and use deep focus earthquakes in order to further our knowledge of deformational processes in the deep Earth. Further information may be found in the project brief.

Useful code

I've put some of the code I've developed online. It can be found here.

Undergraduate Projects

My undergraduate research projects focussed on the geology, tectonics and metamorphic history of the Vourinos and Pindos Ophiolites in North Central Greece. My third year Independent Mapping Project, based in the region around the Zavordhas Monastery, dealt primarily with the structure, makeup and evolution of the ophiolitic mélange. My fourth year (Masters') project studied the exposed sole of both the Vourinos and Pindos Ophiolites, and used field observations, hand and thin section descriptions, microprobe data, and both conventional and pseudosection thermobarometry to build up a detailed structural and metamorphic history of the development of the ophiolites.

I intend to publish the key findings from my work in the near future, but preliminary information about both of these projects can be found here.